7 Silver Coins Escape Game

7 Silver Coins Escape

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You are a marriage counselor helping couples in trouble for years. Because of your practical and efficient way of saving marriages, you became famous. One day you got a phone call from the prime minister of your country asking you for help. Not one to miss a huge opportunity, you made it to his home immediately. Upon arrival, the kind secretary asked you to wait in the guest room while the minister is engaged by some political issue. An hour went by and nobody came back for you. You wanted to leave but appallingly found the entrance locked. You start calling for help loudly but no one seem to hear you. The last thing you want is to cause a ruckus so you went your way to find a way to get out. It is an awfully huge room. Hopefully, nothing breaks!

Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to escape somehow. Good luck!

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