7 Shiny Crystals Escape Game

7 Shiny Crystals Escape

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Entering the dark and eerie bunker, you have only one thing in mind right now. However, you can't find your way back. Given this situation, you won't give up on your adventure. The bunker is where you and your friends are last week. Since it is your fault why your best friend's glasses are gone, you want to find it yourself. Furthermore, you knwo that you can't be afraid now. The twists and turn can't daunt you.

You're probably a bit nervous right now but you're trying not to let anything else discourage you. All you need to do is try to recall where you and your friends are when all of you got out of the bunker. For this you will have to explore it and find the 7 shiny crystals. Find all the missing items to be able to escape the place. Use your logic well and don't dwindle. Good luck and have fun!


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