7 Door Escape Game

7 Door Escape

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Preston was finally able to enter the so-called 7 door house which looks just like a normal house, but it isn't actually for it is built to trap people in and no matter how they tried to escape, they just couldn't! Well that's until they think outside of the box. There are only a few people who were able to escape from the place, for the rest just quits in the middle for they realized they couldn't solve it. Preston was somewhat confident that he can solve this and he is ready too for he had waited for this for a long time already.

Preston is now inside the rooms of the place and the thing with the house is one should escape from all 7 doors there and only then they can escape and finish the challenge. Seems pretty easy enough, but know that there are not a handful of people have won the place and most of them don't even reach half of the total number of doors there. Will Preston be able to make this all the way through? Of course the first challenge begins with the first door. Escape players, want to join in the escape and play as Preston here to see if you can make it out of there?

7 Door Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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