6th Grade Field Trip Nature Park

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Freddy, their teacher, and the entire class went on a field trip at the nature forest park and it’s only for the day. Freddy is quite excited for he had never been to the place before and his parents did plan for him to go there before, but their work never gave them the free time to do so sadly. Now Freddy is there along with his teacher and classmates and they spent the entire day there just relaxing, recreating, and overall breathing fresh-air. But late in the afternoon came though and they all need to go now so they can reach the city before dark, but there seems to be a problem however, for it seems not everyone can find their way around there!

The class was missing a few members and their teacher is trying their best now to find everyone. Freddy is the kind of person who was responsible, so he volunteered to help here and maybe he can guide his classmates outside the place, but that will be a little difficult for he can’t exactly remember too much of where the exit is. Escape players, want to help-out here so that Freddy and his classmates along with their teacher can leave the place safely? Be careful now for there is still a chance of getting lost deeper into the park.

6th Grade Field Trip Nature Park is a brand new point and click area escape game from Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for 6th Grade Field Trip Nature Park

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