6th Grade Field Trip Castle

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The entire class is once again going to a field trip and this time it will be in a place built in the medieval times. Billy was with the class and he is excited with this for he had never been to this said castle before. For the day, they all roamed around the old halls of the place and everything, it is said that the place is haunted so they need to stay together. Well no problem with implementing that though, for once they heard that the place was haunted, they immediately huddled together.

And so the entire class covered a lot of area in the castle and that took them the entire afternoon. Okay then maybe it is time to say goodbye to the castle now and maybe get some snacks along the way as well. But they all have to get out of there first though, for because the place is vast, that alone was enough to get them lost in there! Billy and his teacher was confused where is their tour guide now, for she was just there and now she is gone! They need to find her now if they want to leave, but in Billy’s mind though he thought maybe he can get everyone guided for he seems to have an idea where to go. Escape players, you are Billy here and you need to get everyone out for the tour guide is currently missing and some of his classmates wants to get out right-now. Will you be able to guide everyone as calmly as possible?

6th Grade Field Trip Castle is the newest point and click ancient place escape game from Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for 6th Grade Field Trip Castle

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