6th Grade Field Trip Ancient Ruins

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For 6th graders, going on a field-trip to ancient ruins is a little intimidating, but if order is made and everyone is expected to be at their best behavior, then there will be no problem. But on such trips however, not everything will be good and that’s why at times the teacher who facilitates the class needs to do a little trick to solve problems. But that day though nothing would prepare the teachers for what’s about to happen there.

As a kid who was a member of the class, Nathan was already feeling differently of this trip of theirs and it’s really weird, he can’t explain it but he felt like he needed to protect his classmates right-now. And then the problem came when the day ended and they all need to leave, but they couldn’t for the locals there would not let them unless they solve the puzzles of the place! And then they thought this place had been abandoned centuries ago, but there they were the natives. Escape players, now Nathan knows the reason why he isn’t easy here, now he needs to at least think of something for their teacher is not composed at the moment, something crazy but just might work. Okay then, will you play as Nathan here and see if you can help everyone out of the place safely?

6th Grade Field Trip Ancient Ruins is the newest point and click old place escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for 6th Grade Field Trip Ancient Ruins

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