6 Door Escape

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The 6 door house finally, Ethan is going to go and try the place and see how it is. For that said house is not a typical one where people can just live in, it’s actually an escape place and people can try it out and see if they can get out of there! On this challenge however, challengers must escape through six rooms with six doors, each door will have the same obstacle but a different puzzle. Eric is really up for that and that day, he’ll definitely go but it’s without the knowledge that it will be quite hard.

Escape players, you know what to expect from here and Ethan is actually more confidence than strategic and problem solving thinking. There is a high chance he won’t be able to escape quickly from there, or he won’t at all and just give-up. How will you fair though, will you be able to escape the house with just your skills and logic? Of course breaking stuff won’t be allowed here, so you’ll have to do this with what you can find and manipulate.

6 Door Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.