3rd Grade Field Trip Chicken Farm

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The class went to a town in the countryside for it’s going to be a field trip there at a chicken farm. It is good for the kids to be in different places so they can learn as much as they need to and for the day, this field trip is going to teach them a thing or two about farming. As the class got there and spent the day, sometimes it was crazy for there are a lot chickens there and they would run away from the kids when they approach. It was educational throughout, well for the boys though it was fun for they tended to be a little silly at times. Now it was time to go home for they still have a long journey to go. But first every student must be gathered for they are currently not together.

Escape players, you are one of the class here and because you are kind of responsible for you are a class officer, you need to help gather them so you can all leave. Will you be able to get everybody here in the farm so that you all can bid goodbye to the place?

3rd Grade Field Trip Chicken Farm is a new outdoors escape game developed by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for 3rd Grade Field Trip Chicken Farm

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