3rd Grade Field Trip Arcade

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The day had already been crazy and exhausting for the class as they went on a field trip in this city but still, the kids has a lot of energy left while their teacher was already winded. And so to cure this before they go home, their teacher had allowed them to play at the local arcade while she rest and they can have fun. As one of the students there Terrence was definitely happy, for this day have been nothing but fun!

Time passed and their teacher have finally recharged, the children are starting to tire and getting them home will be good now. But Terrence here is the class’ president, so when the time allotted to them there was met, he needs to gather his classmate so they can congregate to where their teacher was and they can leave together. But the problem was his classmates were all-over the place and some of them can be hard to budge. Escape players, imagine you are Terrence here now and the time given have already been met, he needs to gather his classmates so they can go for they are quite far from home where they are now. Will you be able to get a task such as this done and of course efficiently?

3rd Grade Field Trip Arcade is another new point and click arcade escape game made by Selfdefiant.

Walkthrough video for 3rd Grade Field Trip Arcade


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