3rd Grade Field Trip Aquarium

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The class went out of town that day to visit this aquarium in the city and because the teacher here are handling 3rd graders, she needs to keep a close eye on everyone and not let even just one out of her sight. As one of the students there, Cynthia was definitely happy for she finally will come to a place she can only dream of going. The entire day everyone had fun with the fishes as well as the other attractions there. It was good and all, but in the end they have to leave for the tour is finally over. Cynthia was not fulfilled though for she wanted to stay longer, but rules are rules and they need to stick together. As they were all trying to get out of there though, their teacher was getting confused as she tries to find the exit, eventually they all got lost and some of the kids won’t even keep still!

It was starting to unravel out of order here and Cynthia would like to help her teacher by maybe first remembering where to pass there. Cynthia has a sharp memory and she has a clue where they should go and it’s very likely that she is right, but everyone must be rounded-up first though so that nobody will be left behind. Escape players, you will now be playing as Cynthia here and helping her help her teacher solve this is a must so they can leave. Will you be able to give your aid here so that they can all go out together safely?

3rd Grade Field Trip Aquarium is the newest point and click attraction escape game from Selfdefiant.

Walkthrough video for 3rd Grade Field Trip Aquarium


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