36 Pumpkins Escape Game

36 Pumpkins Escape

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Your friends want to have a more memorable Halloween this year . To make it different from the previous years, your friends thought about inventing some special game. You are already too old to go trick-or-treating, so you need to do other fun stuff an dnot be left out. None of you enjoy scaring little kids since it's bullying in itself but your bestfriend, Marty, thought of something. It is a test of courage involving the deceased Widow Wharton's museoleum, the largest in the town graveyard. Yes, the town's resident ghost will do and it all gave you a shudder at the thought of the her.

The game only has one rule: you are to escape from the room you're in. But to escape firstly you will have to explore the museoleum's massive rooms and find the 36 Halloween pumpkins. After you found the pumpkins, you will find the key which opens the exit door. Good luck and have fun!


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