The family pet awaits its master in 35 Diamonds Escape game.

35 Diamonds Escape

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Thirty-five. That’s is the plan. Mulligan only wanted thirty-five diamonds to take home with him. As he is filling his burlap sack with thirty diamonds the size of his fist, he can’t help but giggle. A captived hostage by river pirates, he cut himself free and is now diving into the hoard of treasures. The riches and the comfort these diamonds will bring excites him to no end. New clothes for his beloved wife and for his  children. No more farming for all of them! Following the way of the genteel, the children will get the best education so they will grow up cultured.

Coming home from a good haul, his wife and children bid him a warm welcome. He went to the kitchen with his wife to get a good hot meal and tell her the good news. Meanwhile, the children wants to see what their father brought home with him. Opening his sack, the children marveled at the shiny rocks. They took the diamonds out and one of the children suggested a treasure hunt game. All of them hid the diamonds around the farm, thinking of suprising their father with the game they invented.

35 Diamonds Escape is newest room escape game from Ainars for Escape Fan. Goal of the game is to find 35 hidden diamonds and key to open the door.

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Walkthrough video for 35 Diamonds Escape

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