3 Stairs Escape Game

3 Stairs Escape
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Sometimes you believe your stairs were part of the moving chairs in the magical castle where wizards study. You always experience something unusual there. It wasn't anything dangerous. But it always made you think. And it mostly happen when you were alone at home. When everyone was inside, the stairs seemed fine as well. You could go up and down and not have any problem with it. Your cousins would even run up and down and you wouldn't hear even a soft creak. You tried setting up some cameras to capture whoever was messing with you. But it yielded nothing. Although you wouldn't deny the fear you were having when watching the clip. You were afraid that someone would jump in front of the camera and scare you. Fortunately no one thought of it. But the video seemed useless now that it didn't show you anything weird.

So you tried not focusing on the weird things happening with the stairs. You were hoping this would make the universe unite and eliminate whatever was giving you challenges when passing through the stairs. However, they might still be in the works since you were experiencing another strange event with the stairs. Play 3 Stairs Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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