3 Doors Escape

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Guests are now welcome to the new house in the neighborhood, but they won’t be welcomed with open arms though, for people would really want to escape from the place, that’s because it had been built to actually trap people in it! The house there was built to trap people and they must escape from it, that means they will be trapped in there under their own will, the escaping part though is all according to their skills. As one of the challengers there that day, Tommy will be checking the place out for not only to test his skills, but also he wanted to win. Well he needs to do his best here for that’s what is required.

Tommy will be facing three doors or more in the rooms there, and each one will have a different challenge as well as a lot difficult than the previous, so he is going to need the best of his skills and logic here or yours too escape players! Want to play as Tommy here and see if you can take-on the place easily? Go ahead then and play as Tommy here, try your best to escape the house through the three difficult doors that is keeping you all in?

3 Doors Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Escape.