3 Door Escape Game

3 Door Escape

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The house here had all the comforts of home for most people, but it is not a place anybody can stay in though, for it brings-out the skills of escape from anyone because that is the sole purpose of this decent and seemingly luxurious home. The house is an escape place and in it are 3 doors, anyone who decides to take-on the challenge must escape through all three of it and if he or she ever makes it out quickly than the previous challengers, he or she will be the overall winner! That's why Larry decided to check-out the challenge for he thinks he can get it done quickly than everyone else.

That's overconfidence right there, that's okay if he has something to prove but on this kinds of challenges, one must be silent and quiet, that can greatly help in finding clues so he can get himself out. Escape players, do you have such confidence like Larry here? Come and test that then in the 3 doors escape house with Larry. Find clues and objects which can pry each door open so you can escape quickly.

3 Door Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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