2021 Christmas Is Coming 1

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Christmas is finally in the corner and Santa will be going out now to deliver gifts. But he needs help for he has a lot to go to especially in the local villages for their area had just increased and more land have been occupied. And so he asked the help of one of his elves and this time it will be Ricky.

Ricky’s job was to help Santa collect gifts for at the moment some of those are scattered for they are special and needed to be made in different places. Ricky will go with Santa as he delivers the other gifts to houses, and at the same time he will join him and retrieve those special gifts as they go from place to place. This will continue until all of the gifts have been delivered, Ricky only needs to hang-on for the sleigh can be a bit fast at times. Escape players, Ricky will now go with Santa, but deep inside though he needs a little help for this can get difficult and dangerous. Want to help him then get these gifts so that this can be done quickly without affecting Santa’s tight schedule?

2021 Christmas Is Coming 1 is a brand new point and click item retrieval snowy escape game released by Games 2 Live.

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