2020 Halloween Escape Game

2020 Halloween Escape

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It's now Halloween and Erwin is having a big problem currently with that, not because he is scared of the occasion, but finding candy in the area is quite a difficulty. Erwin moved around the place knocking on doors of neighbors and most of them are not even giving-out candy, this neighborhood here is starting to lose its fun. That's why Erwin was forced to move even further into the neighborhood for there might be candy there, but unfortunately that only got him in trouble!

Erwin was in the part of the neighborhood which he hadn't been to before, it was old there and dark, he got a little bit intimidated with the place for it was even quieter there than where he lives, plus there are no people! Erwin decided to return home then for there is surely no candy there, but there was a slight problem, for he can no longer find his way out! Only then the area got even scarier the moment he realized that. Escape players, Erwin is going to navigate out of where he it's for it's getting scarier there and his safety is going down the drain by the minute, will you help him out so he can get home?

2020 Halloween Escape is a brand new point and click dark outdoor escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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