2020 Christmas Party House Escape Game

2020 Christmas Party House Escape

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Wilson was looking for the perfect house to rent for this year's Christmas party. There are loads of houses to rent and because he knows the owner of the area, he just lets Wilson picks the one he prefers and then he can rent it for the night, as long as they don't trash it, but the owner trusts Wilson though and his visitors will just be family and a few friends. Wilson was getting closer at the end of the stretch of houses he was checking and he was running out of options, guess he'll have to pick one of the first he visited. But when he came to the last house however, his decision was bent for he thinks he had finally found what he was looking for.

The house he was in was beautiful and perfect, it had a beautiful garden outside and a wide space inside. Guess he'll have to pick this one for this fits the closest to what he is looking for. Wilson was about to leave the place and tell his friend of his decision, but as he did however a problem came and now he is trapped in the house! Escape players, come and test your skills here and see what kind of problem Wilson had come across, try to solve it and quickly before his impressions of everything there changes.

2020 Christmas Party House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by WoW Escape.

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