20 Fathoms Game

20 Fathoms

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Dermot is an urban explorer. The darker and creepier the location, the better. He loves these kinds of places because of the historical significance in them. This time, he's exploring the largest sewage system in the city, an abandoned location that has a dark history. Soon, he is conversing with a city councilman in addition to the documents he reads every now and then. He listens very intently as the man relates the story behind the sewage system. Two hours later, he is writing and sketching the story in his journal at his lodging. The tragic story of the ten families who met their end underground is finally being told. Finishing his entry, he lays at his bed and closed his eyes. He dreams of the dark passage ways of the sewers.

20 Fathoms is point and click photorealistic escape-the-bunker game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Imagine that you are trapped in dark underwater bunker. Turn on the flashlight, explore this location and find items that will be needed for escape. Jump in to the flooded tunnel to escape. Good Luck!

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