15 Doors Escape

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The neighborhood committee had just created a new activity for the residents there, and it’s another escape challenge but this time though it’s going to cover a wider area than before. In previous challenges, the committee only used one house to escape from by the challengers there for fun and excitement. The fastest one to escape through the obstacles and get out of the house wins the big prize by the end of this week-long program. This time though they will be using 15 houses and challengers must get through them all quickly to win that grand prize!

This is new definitely, and it’s one that will really give people there are tough puzzle to crack, the time constraint too is giving that pressure, and if one is not fit for those then they’ll most likely lose. Escape players, you are going to try the place, and in no time as you took the line going there, you are up! Okay now get your game-face on in this, will you be able to escape through 15 houses there which would sum up to possibly 15 doors? It could be 15 keys as well so be the fastest to win!

15 Doors Escape is another new point and click houses escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for 15 Doors Escape

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