Children's toys are found all over the 12 Strawberries Room Escape Game.

12 Strawberries Room Escape

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It’s Ms. Leery’s birthday and the 2nd grade class is holding a surprise birthday party for her. The whole class was given their respective assignments. It was decided that the president will bring the cake. Others will bring the snacks and refreshments and a small group is in charge of the entertainment. Because of the warm weather, the party will be done outside.

On the day of the party, while the whole class prepares, a group of older students decided to get rough. They began playing with the party decorations and interrupted practice. The leader, a tall boy, took the cake and ran away with it. The second graders chased after him but he was nowhere in sight. One of the younger students found the cake but the strawberries on it are gone. Beside the cake, a letter scribbled by the 5th grader, “If you want the strawberries back, look for them where you least expect to find the. Good luck!”

The new escape game of Escape Fan was developed by Ainars. Explore the room, solve puzzles and find 12 strawberries hidden around the room to get out!

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Walkthrough video for 12 Strawberries Room Escape

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