100 Doors Escape 3 Game

100 Doors Escape 3

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You were always doing good in 100 doors escape on your tablet. You downloaded a lot of escape games on your phone and you spend a lot of time working on it. It seemed like you won't put your tablet down unless you escaped. Your friends were just looking at you with questioning eyes. When they asked you why you liked escape games so much, you replied because you were good with them. Your friends would like to pull you back to the ground. But they thought of a better idea. There was a simulation for 100 doors escape in your city. Your friends went there to check it out for themselves. They entered as a group. However, they weren't able to escape before the allowed time. They thought that you wouldn't be able to do so as well. So they entered your name in the registration.

You went to the location where you'd be escaping. You looked around and found the building quite big. It might take a lot of time to figure out all you needed to do. Then again, you were up for the challenge. You likewise wanted to prove to your friends that you might really be better than them with doors. Play 100 Doors Escape 3 room escape game by NSR Games.

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