Wooden House In Lake Game

Wooden House In Lake

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You are an orchidologist collecting specimen for your research, part of your profession requires you to be physically active since you needed to hike for hours on end just to spot the perfect specimen. In one of your hikes, specifically the mountains of Mildun, you found a Rothschild's Orchid (Paphiopedilum rothschildianum), a rare--and one of the most expensive--orchid. While you were collecting it, you noticed something across a lake. What would a house be doing on this part of the mountain, far away from civilization? Out of curiosity, you tried to circle around the lake to reach the house. When you got close to it you noticed that it was huge. Upon further speculation, you concluded that the house was made of logs, not planks of wood. You called out to check if someone was inside, nobody answered. You tried to open the door and successfully got in. Little did you know that you had triggered a mechanism that locks all the doors and windows of the house.


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