Wooden Garage Escape Game

Wooden Garage Escape

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You just bought for yourself a new car and a motorcycle. For now, you have to make do with the wooden garage you're finishing building. Since all it needs is a fresh coat of paint, you simply could not wait and bought the vehicles. The makeshift garage has a tin roof already but you need it to double as a tool shed. So you did, after many day of work buiding an extra room for your tools.  So now this is your favorite place to stay in and you spend many hours every day here polishing your vehicles and tinkering with parts. But today, somehow you locked yourself inside the garage and forgot the keys outside. You don't want to destroy it, but you need to escape, so find a way to do this, without breaking anything. The reinfoced garage will make it defficult to escape.

Search around and solve the puzzles.. Have fun!


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