Wood Village Game

Wood Village

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This village is nearby the forest. Because of this, it's easy for the villagers to get some wood. This is also the reason why the people call this place the "Wood Village". People find it bizarre when a guest brings a metal in this place. You wish that you knew this before you went to the village. It was meal time when you brought out your metal spoon and fork. Everyone stared at you like you're a criminal. They only honor wood in this place and metal is a big no-no. They find what you did disrespectful so as a punishment, they locked you inside the village. In there, you can only use wood. However, you are not used to this culture. It will be hard to escape from this place but it's much harder to stay.

Because of this, you have to find a way to escape from the wood village. You have to look for clues and collect wood items that you can use for your escape plan. Everyone in the village is asleep right now and you have to escape before the morning comes. Play this exciting outdoor escape game from 365 Escape and get away from the Wood Village. Good luck!

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