Winter Forest Escape Game

Winter Forest Escape

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You are on your way back to Oregon to spend the holidays with your family. You didn't make it last year so you're dead set to make it home and stay there for two weeks. Furthermore, you miss your mom's cooking and your chess competition against your dad is way overdue. You worry, however, that your car is not going to make it. You can hear something shaking from underneath as you drive but the people at the garage could not tell what it is. Taking your chances, you packed your bags anyway. Just a few miles away from home, the inevitable happens. Your car stops in the middle of the road. The area is familiar to you so you decide to walk and get help.

Winter Forest Escape is a first Winter Forest game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore snowy forest. Search for frozen crystals, stars, pine cones and many other items. Activate 2 portals to escape. Good luck and have fun!


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