Winter Forest Escape 3 Game

Winter Forest Escape 3

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The harsh winter season makes it difficult for creatures to survive. This old man that lives in the forest has skills to fend for himself, though. His knowledge, however, is put to the test when five wolves starts surrounding his home. This pack of wolves aims to bring back meat fro their starving families but the hibernation is making it hard for them. Moreover, a few of them had already perished. The old man is undaunted and is at the edge of his life. He has no family waiting for him but he swears that he will not fall. He walks to his closet and brings out a rifle. A leather pouch only carries five bullets. He looks at them a bit longer and finally starts loading his gun. One for each, he thought. He must not miss.

Winter Forest Escape 3 is a third Winter Forest game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore beautiful winter forest. Search for frozen apples, strawberries and help forest inhabitants to find food. Activate mysterious owl portal to escape. Good luck and have fun!


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