Wilderness Survival Escape Day 4 Game

Wilderness Survival Escape Day 4

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Wilderness Survival Escape Day 4 is a game from Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. This is the sequel to the Wilderness Survival Escape a game where your story begun when you became stranded on a deserted island. Imagine you had been roaming through a jungle for months when on a clear night suddenly you glanced the glistening lights of a city. You could not sleep that night and started to run in the direction of it. Unfortunately you realized it was soo far you could not perform the distance in a short time, you needed a couple of days. On the following days you managed to overcome some obstacles in front of you but the last challenge was waiting for you yet. Could you reach the civilization without giving up the hope? Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to find it out. Good luck!



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