Wild Forest Squirrel Escape Game

Wild Forest Squirrel Escape

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Do you believe in the Samsara doctrine of cyclic existence? The concept of rebirth and/or transmigration?

You are granted a new life in a different physical form: a squirrel. You lived your new life with joy and fulfillment; climbing trees and roaming around the forest. One day the forest was stirred by the sound of hunting rifles, you tried to check where it was coming from. While you were about to close in on the location you noticed that the other forest animals were fleeing. That's when you realized that the rifle shots were fired by hunters in search for animals to be sold to traders. Now these hunters were accompanied by hunting dogs and two of them are now face-to-face with you. Now you must escape to a safe area deep in the heart of the forest to avoid the hunters and their dogs.

  1. Date: August 27, 2016
    Author: dewed
    The colors on the maze didn't work ... going either direction.

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