White Painting Room Escape Game

White Painting Room Escape

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White Painting Room Escape is point and click escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Imagine you are one of the wealthiest person of your country. You had been an extraordinary painting obsessed and you have been collecting them for years. One day you took part in an exhibition where the finest artists sold their masterpieces. You bought a beautiful white painting which attracted you at first sight. Arriving home you hung it up into the wall in the livingroom. The next day you woke up and went to admire the picture again. Scrutinizing it you realized it was not the same as you bought. Probably someone sneaked inside at night and stole the real one. You started to run out to the garage to drive to the police station. Appallingly you found the entrance locked and the keys were missing. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Have fun!



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