Whats Inside The Castle Game

Whats Inside The Castle

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The castle is very intriguing. You don't know what's inside it since you are not a royalty. This only means that you can't go inside of the castle but due to curiosity, you found your way in. You dressed up as a knight so you can roam around the castle. In there, you saw the most expensive things in the world. The ceiling is so high and there are so many rooms inside. This must be the greatest moment in your life but as they say, curiosity kills the cat. It's time for the knights' roll call and you have to be there. Since you are not a real knight, you have to escape from the castle before they find out that you are an intruder. You saw what's inside the castle but you can't find the key which can open the door.

Because of this, you have to think fast and use your logic to find a way to unlock the door. There are so many items in this castle and you have to collect the useful ones. You don't have much time left so you have to hurry up. Play this brand new room escape game from Enagames and find out Whats Inside The Castle. Good luck and have fun!

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