Westgate Branson Woods Resort Escape Game

Westgate Branson Woods Resort Escape

38 votes, average: 3.76 out of 5

Westgate Branson Woods Resort is known for their breath-taking views. The fresh air that circulates on the place gives a really fresh feeling. You just can't stop admiring the place. And you are not alone. Tourists flock the place to experience the resort. And felt like you wish to have the resort to yourself. So you started making a plot. It was nothing grand but it can give you some alone time. But the plan doesn't seem to be working. You decided to make up a story to scare people away from a certain area. Your plan succeeded but you are left alone. And worst trapped.

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  1. Date: August 23, 2016
    Author: TRANCE
    Yet another Eightgame that has glitches and doesn't work. There is no arrow to turn left on the map. The scrolling menu bar tends to stick. Also, upon first loading, the game played through the Flash timeline and revealed everything. Don't these developers know how to use STOP / GOTO commands on the timeline? Is there any point playing Eightgames anymore, as lately they have bad glitches and badly coded and this is also reflecting in the rating scores.

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