Weird Villa Escape Game

Weird Villa Escape

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Weird Villa Escape is just another Enagames online escape game where you need to get out from a room! Imagine in this game you are a teacher who had just finished the last week in the school and it was time for your summer-long vacation as the students. You decided to spend the first week of it in your weekend house which situated on thy countryside. When you arrived it was not familiar to you as if somebody had reorganized it while you were away. You called your husband and he confessed he renovated it a little during the winter. At first it was really weird to you but you managed to get used to it gradually. On a sunny friday afternoon your neighbour invited you to spend the night at their house, chatting about your life next to a glass of delicious wine. You accepted it and wanted to leave but appallingly found the entrance of the house locked however you hadn't locked it. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out as soon as possible to spend the night with them. Good luck!



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