Weapon Shop Escape Game

Weapon Shop Escape

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You are transported into a real life role playing game and since you are familiar with this type of game you did not have any problem figuring out its ins and outs. You managed to level up much faster than the other players; utilizing farming strategies. The job that you picked was Trader and you are about to upgrade your job to Merchant. You collected many materials for smithing but you didn't have the smithing skill so you located one at a nearby town; you asked him to make different weapons out of the materials you've gathered on your hours of farming.
After the Smith gave you the crafted weapons you decided to sell it at a nearby shop...but the shop was operated by a Merchant/Enchanter. Player Kills are permitted inside the game and if you kill a player you are rewarded with that player's worn item.
Once you entered the shop the Enchanter cast a spell and all the weapons inside the turned towards you like a homing missile.

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