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War Researcher

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"Make peace, not war!" That is what you always yell when you are out at rallies. Your goal is to always bring peace and stop the war. We are living in one planet and the least we can do is to unite. But for you to end the war, you have to know the cause of it. In this way, you can prevent all of the incoming wars all over the world. So, you went to the forest where the first world war took place. There are books and other resources in that place which you can use for your research. But while you were reading these books, you heard something from outside. A loud boom is what you heard and you know for sure that it is one of the effects of war.

You have to end this war right away but the first thing that you have to do is to escape from the forest. You have to prioritize your safety and everything else will follow. Because of this, you have to stop researching for a while and start looking for hints which can help you to escape. Play War Researcher outdoor escape game from Enagames and use your logic to escape from this commotion safely. Best of luck!

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