Vintage School Escape Game

Vintage School Escape

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Vintage School Escape is the escape game from Wow Escape. Assume you had just moved to a small rural town from a giant bustling city because your father received a better job here. On the first day in your new school you managed to create some new friends so at first everything went well. During the next week a small group of student started to be envious of you because you made some of their friends change sides to your friendship. From this time they started to make you nervous and they mocked at all of your flaws. One day after the last lesson you stayed in the class with your friends to discuss a programm to the weekend. When all of you accepted to a programme and were ready to leave you found the entrance of the class locked. Probably this malignant group locked it to play a joke on you. Find hidden objects and fit them together to make your way out. Have fun!



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