Vintage House Escape Game

Vintage House Escape

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Vintage House Escape is point and click game from Ena Games. Imagine your grandparents had just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on this weekend. You decided to visit them a couple of days before in order to help them clean up the house before all of the relatives arrived to congratulate them on this occasion. As you pulled over to the pavement with your car in front of the house something was strange for you at first sight. The plants and flowers in the garden were not neated. You entered to the house and started to search for them. They were not at home so you inquired the neighbours about their whereabout, but they said the house had been deserted for weeks. You returned inside and in the meantime the door behind you shut and became locked. Scary noises came from the basement as if a ghost captured the house. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Good luck!



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