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Urbex Forest House

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One of the reasons why you love travelling is that you want to meet a lot of people. You live in a city and yes, there are lots and lots of people there. However, they all lived in the same area as you. You already know how they generally react to certain situations. And that's not refreshing. You want to meet someone who's not used to all the usual things people do. Sometimes you want to be that person. When you're out there somewhere especially when people don't know you, you can be so enthusiastic. You're loving everything about the place, its people and culture. But you haven't stumbled on any royalty yet. You also wish to have that fairy tale story even if it's just a preview. So you keep your eyes open for any sign. However, it may not be the right time yet.

Until one day, the postman gives you a letter from Urbex Forest. You have read and commented on an article about them before. You're very impress with the way they handle certain issues and you don't fail to let them know. Now they want to know how much sincerity you have so they gave you a mission. You are to find a crown somewhere inside the forest. Urbex Forest House is an outdoor escape game by Yolk Games.

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