Urban Survival Escape Day 3 Game

Urban Survival Escape Day 3

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Urban Survival Escape Day 3 is a game created by Selfdefiant. Imagine you had been lanning to renovate your garden in order to create enough space to deploy a swimming pool in the middle of it. One day after the work you went to the do-it-yourself shop to get the necessary tools to the constructions. In the afternoon you immediately started to prepare the place. You were working all afternoon long when suddenly the hunger hit you. You wanted to go inside to rest and have a dinner but found the entrance locked. Your wife probably locked accidentally when left to a concert. She was going to be home just in the morning. You decided to lay down in the hut at the end of the garden but couldn't the room which contained a sofa was locked too. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to open the door. Good luck and have fun!



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