Underground Treasure House Escape Game

Underground Treasure House Escape

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"He lived his life away from people. He had gone tired of being hurt and hurting people, be it intentionally or not. So he came into hiding in this house. It is said this house holds so many secrets. But only those who are brave enough can uncover them". Your tour guide keeps on talking about the house. Yet you can't keep your eyes away from the possible openings that can lead to the treasures. You're not focusing on your way so you end up bumping on the person in front of you. Luckily he doesn't mind and instead asks about what's bothering you. You don't want others to know about your interest in the treasures. So you simply avoid his questions by pointing at other things. He doesn't completely believe you so he keeps on following you around. But you know how to easily escape this.

You excuse yourself from the group to head to the bathroom. There you find a door leading somewhere else. You don't know where. But it's better than a cute stranger following you around. The exit leads to a different part of the house. It seems to be in the underground part because of how the air feels. Then you suddenly remember the story by the tour guide. Play Underground Treasure House Escape room escape game by First Escape Games.

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