Unchain The President Villa Game

Unchain The President Villa

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Almost half of the population doesn't agree with the president's decisions. They want him to resign but the president remains strong and loyal to what he truly believes. This is why you adore the president so much but sadly, the nation became divided because of some issues. There are lots of trust issues going on and because of the massive rage, the people chained the president's villa. Because of this, he can't go out and continue his job at the office. This country has a lot of problems and you need the president to solve those. There's no time for hate right now. As a supporter, you have to do everything for him and Unchain The President Villa so that he can escape. This country needs him and he needs you!

It's time to step up for this country! The president provided some items that you can use to help him to escape. All you have to do is use your logic to use those items. Play Unchain The President Villa. A brand new outdoor escape game from Ena Games that will surely test your point and click escape skills. Do what it takes for the betterment of your country. Best of luck!


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