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Twist Escape

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You woke up inside an unfamiliar house. When you looked back at what happened yesterday, you remembered you got drunk again. You didn't like things turning out this way. However, stress took over.  The amount of work you had to accomplish piled up. So instead of drowning yourself in work, you drowned yourself in alcohol. But that was actually the first time you did it intentionally. The rest of the times you just miscalculated your limit. You focused yourself back to the scene in front of you. You knew very well that you would be needing to do stuffs before being able to leave. Sometimes, you got the hang of things easily. But other times, you were made to go over things again and again. Most of the time you find it amusing. Yet you wouldn't deny that it could become annoying as well.

You chose to focus on the amusing side of the happenings that took place. Thinking of how complicated things could get wouldn't get you anywhere. So you walked around the house trying to find the slightest clue that could help you start your escape. And just like the previous places, you would need more than just your senses to escape. Your brain should likewise share the work. Play Twist Escape room escape game by NSR Games.

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