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Travel Trailer Escape

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To travel to is such an expensive thing to do. But you really love to travel so you came out with an idea. So now, you don't have to pay for the fare, lodging, food or anything else. Because you managed to build your own travel trailer. It's indeed a challenging process but it's worth it. You can now go anywhere around the country for a very little expense. This trailer is also perfect for camping so that's what you did. You already have everything that you need inside your trailer except for one. You are about to camp outside your trailer when a problem occurred, you forgot to bring your key. Because of this, you have to find another way to escape from your travel trailer. Your trailer is loaded with items that you can use for your escape plan.

You just have to go around your trailer and collect those useful items. The real challenge is, you have to think of a way on how to use those items as an escape tool. You must escape from there as soon as possible so you can enjoy your vacation. Travel Trailer Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from Avm Games. Have fun!

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