Town Of Witch Escape Game

Town Of Witch Escape

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People seem so nice in this place. They gave you a warm welcome like you are a part of their family. It seems weird because this is just your first time to go in this town. Nevertheless, you still think that it's nice. Everyone in this town wants you to stay in their house for free. Not only that, they also gave you tons of food to eat. You smell something fishy about their kindness. Your instinct became more positive when you saw a book about witchcraft in one house. It states there that this town is a town of witch. Also, they offer food for their guests so you that they can eat them with more flavor. This book scared you a lot but what's more scary is the fact that these witches are already staring at you as you read the book.

From there, you know that you have to find the quickest way to escape from this town. The witch feast will start in just a few minutes so you have to hurry up. However, escaping from this town is not easy. There are puzzles that you have to solve before you can escape. Play Town Of Witch Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule and use your logic to escape. Good luck!

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