Tourer Room Escape Game

Tourer Room Escape

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Tourer Room Escape is the escape game from Wow Escape. Imagine in this game you are a traveller who had been having journey around the country totally for free. You always travelled to your assigned destination by hitch-hike. One day you decided to leave your beloved mountains and headed toward the plains in the middle of the country. You were walking next to the road for hours when suddenly a car pulled up next to you and offered a carriage for free. You got in the van and started to advance in the direction of your next destination. The driver was a kinf woman. She also offered you a night rest in hear house. You accepted it and a couple of hours later you were laying in a comfortable bed. You fell into deep sleep soon because you were extremely tired. The next morning when you woke up you wanted to thank the support and were ready to leave but found the door of your room locked. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out. Have fun!



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