Toon Escape - Tree House Game

Toon Escape - Tree House

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You live in a place you'd like to call concrete jungle. Nope, it's not in New York. But give it a few years and it'll become one. Everywhere your eyes fell, all you can see is concrete. Even the air you breathe must have concrete in it. You don't hate progress but being in this place makes you feel like you wouldn't last long to witness more progress. So you search the web for a place where the air is still as fresh as it can get. You also added that there should be a lot of trees. You simply miss them and the life they exude. Your search gives you a location a few hours away from the city. You instantly packed your stuffs to take a look. And maybe even stay there for a while. It was such a long drive but you believe it'll be worth it.

Upon arriving there, you couldn't but jump for joy at the sight. It was one of the most beautiful things you have seen in a long while. You can't help but admire the tree house some more as you walk closer. The forest looked strange to you now. So your directions were a little off. Can you find your way out? Toon Escape - Tree House is a room escape game by Mouse City.



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