Toon Escape - Grocery Store Game

Toon Escape - Grocery Store

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You need to refill your stocks at home. You are out of milk and other stuff so you need to go to the grocery store. But, when you are about to pay, you realized that your wallet is missing. This is a big no no in the grocery store, you can't return those items anymore. The grocery can ban you if you can't pay for those items. Also, they won't allow you to leave the premises. It seems unreasonable because in the first place, you didn't steal those items. The least thing that you can think of is to escape from the grocery store. However, there are lots of guards so it would be hard for you. But nothing is impossible if you will use your logic.

There are subtle clues around the store and you have to look for those clues to make the escape successful. You can also collect items that you can use to escape. Just make sure to use those items in the best way possible. Toon Escape - Grocery Store is a brand new outdoor escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City that you will surely enjoy. Play this fun point n' click escape game and use your logic to escape. Good luck!


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