Tittu And Annie 6 Game

Tittu And Annie 6

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Tittu and Annie are two girls who just happened to go on a holiday at the exactly same time and meet on this island. You could say it was their destiny to become friends. They first met on the beach when a strong wind took off Annie’s hat and Tittu was the one who caught it and gave it back. Annie politely thanked it and that was it. They just continued what they were doing before. However, when the night came, both of them decided to check out the bar near to the hotel. It was a pretty good party. The music was good, the people were having fun dancing and the prices were okay. Tittu took a sudden turn when she was heading to the toilet and bumped into someone. It was Annie. They recognised each other from before. Since they didn’t have any company, they sticked together. It was two days ago, now, but ever since then, they’re spending the holiday tohether. However, Annie’s late today. It’s out of her character, though. Where is she?


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