Titanic Escape Game

Titanic Escape

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Titanic Escape is a point and click game from The Escape Games. Imagine you are a scientist who had been examining the wreckage of one of the most notorious ship in the world, called Titanic. It crashed into a big ice block and sank in 1912 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately just a few people survived the accident and less was alive during your researches. One of them became a good friend of you and she had been telling stories about a beautiful necklace which was kept in the middle of the ship and the rich passengers bidded for it. Alas this unique itam was submerged along with the ship. You decided to fetch it and donate it to the national museum. The next week you were already in the water searching for it amongst the old items. Find hidden objects and fit them together to find this jewel and take it to the surface. Good luck and have fun!



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