Thief Head Quaters Game

Thief Head Quaters

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You were just walking peacefully in the street when a group of men threw something at you. It was a black bag and it was quite heavy. You didn't know why they did that and that's really weird. You checked it quickly by the time you got home. And to your surprise, it contains several gold bars. You know for sure that these are not yours so you went to the police station to surrender the bag. Then when you got home, there are a bunch of men on your door. They are the goons who threw the bag at you. They are thieves and they are looking for the bag. You explained what happened and they did not believe you. So they took you and brought you their headquarters.

The thieve's headquarters is unbelievable. It so scary in there and they said that they won't let you leave unless you tell them where the gold bars are. You can't call the police so you have to think of a way to escape from there. It's past midnight and everyone is asleep. It's the perfect time to escape. Play this brand new room escape game from EnaGames and escape from the Thief Head Quaters as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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